Since 2009, FTW is a digital label. All of the artists we sign are newcomers and makes music in differents styles with only one common point. Dance music after all.

SQUARE MODE – Einmal Ist Keinmal (out 12 march 2012)

NEITEE & YEUTTA – The last flight EP (out 14 july 2011)

JOSEPH 9000 – Marmite EP (out 21 feb. 2011)

LOONY WISE MEN – Dream Is On EP (out nov. 2010)

RENART – Music For The Royal Fireworks EP (out oct. 2010)

PARLEZ-VOUS ANGLAIS ? – Pronounce : Par-ley-vu-en-gley EP (out dec. 2010)

You can find much of our releases on Beatport :

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